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Is That You?

Posted by ...kpjbeI0ahHNgSl9GTkAX...  full address ~2 months ago

Such a hard half-week for me. I never thought that by just hearing the person you-want-to-avoid-the-most, could break us mentally and phisically.
I thought I'm fine, but I knew that frankly, I never ready for that Monday, the first Monday ever of my 5th semester.

But then after I got sudden heart-attack of my lecturer who called that name, I went home with gloom, no idea of how to act, almost broke into pieces (because we would be in one class for approximately 6 months), and by the night came, the temperature of my body risen real quick. I even skipped three classes the day after.

I finally just laid down in my bed, cursing my weak body. I was actually still having recovery of the flu I have before. Thanks to @jesselshad , she cheered me up and gave me this verse: Proverbs 17:22 (NET) "A cheerful heart brings good healing, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." It came to my sense that I actually can just, shake it off and go happy with my life.

Such a waste if I'll be the only one who suffer. I can choose to ignore, to go, to be happy, to smile brighter. I'm still wishing that I don't meet that person anymore, any time, anywhere, in any chance, in any place. Never, ever, ever. Ever. But what is past is past, what has done is done. I hope i just stay alive and healthy until the end of 5th semester, even until the end of my college year.




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